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We are a company dedicated to research and develop creative and handy easy-to-use health tools, designed to improve the quality of people’s life.


Who we are

Our experience make us agile in every way.

Copernicus Develops has a serious commitment to health care. We are researchers, developers, designers and communication managers who believe that current technologies can improve the quality of people’s life.


How we do

We boost digital health apps for your quietness!

We bet on intuitive and low cost digital medical tools for students and health professionals. Using the best practice, we develop apps with care and passion.

Luba App

Real stethoscope in your iPhone.

With this powerful tool, people can listen, record and share their heartbeats wherever and whenever they want just using your iPhone and Earpods

Luba mobile video

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Find out how far your ears can listen!

Put on your headphones and know your hearing ability, find out how far your ears can hear ranging frequencies. SicApp it is an effective hearing test that measures your threshold of hearing for sounds at different frequencies.

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Logo 120 Ishihara App

Know if children can recognize colors.

It is a smart and creative game that allows detecting colorblind children. Our engineers and developers created a complex algorithm that allows knowing if children can identify colors through a simple color recognition test. The test result is presented on a screen which has been perfectly designed to create the perfect bond with the child.

Ishihara screens


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